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Category: VNA Basics


Calibration Types and Considerations for VNAs

Introduction One of the most frequently asked questions about VNAs goes something like this: “What about calibration?” It’s an unfortunate reality that in the English language, calibration has two completely distinct […]

Figure 1: Internal construction of a USB VNA, illustrative of the degree of shielding and isolation needed for superior performance

What Makes a Good VNA?

Introduction It is commonly accepted that a good vector network analyzer should have both excellent hardware performance and an easy to use software interface with useful post-processing capabilities. There are […]

Compact USB Network Analyzers with Free Features

Why USB Vector Network Analyzers?

USB Vector Network Analyzers are the next generation of advanced RF test & instrumentation. Performance, form factor, security and lower cost of ownership make these analyzers ideal for many RF and microwave […]

Non-Conventional Vector Network Analyzer Calibration

Non-Conventional VNA Calibration

This video reviews waveguide SSL and TRL calibration types and explains what errors are removed from vector network analyzer measurements when they are calibrated.

Calibrating Vector Network Analyzers

Calibrating a Vector Network Analyzer

There are many ways a vector network analyzer can be calibrated and there are benefits and drawbacks to each type. This video review the techniques for calibrating a VNA.

TRL USB Network Analyzer Calibration

TRL Calibration of a VNA

TRL is Thru-Reflect-Line Calibration and is intended for 2-port VNAs. This video reviews this type of calibration and the benefits and drawbacks to TRL calibration.

SOLT and SOLR VNA Calibration

SOLT and SOLR Calibration of a Vector Network Analyzer

SOLT calibration uses Short-Open-Load-Thru standards. SOLR calibration of a network analyzer uses Short-Open-Load-Reciprocal standards. This video reviews this type of calibration for a VNA and the benefits and drawbacks of […]

What are S-Parameter Measurements?

What are S-Parameters?

Curious about what type of measurements the vector network analyzer creates? They are called S-parameters. This video explains these measurements and how the information they measure can be used.