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Trends in the RF and Microwave Industry

Trends in the RF and Microwave Industry

As technology keeps progressing, Vector Network Analyzers are doing the same.The development of compact and portable instruments, such as USB VNAs, provide a wide range of benefits that are changing […]

Remote Measurements with a Vector Network Analyzer

Remote VNA Measurements

How can I make a measurement with a USB vector network analyzer remotely from the operating computer? We often see this question from our VNA users and want to make […]

Multiport and Balanced Measurements with a USB Network Analyzer

Multiport & Balanced Measurements with a VNA

When working with a multiport or differential circuitry application, a 2-port VNA might not be suitable for your measurements. In this scenario, using a 4-port VNA is more effective for […]

Fixture Removal with USB Vector Network Analyzer

Fixture Removal from VNA Measurements

Embedding and de-embedding have proven to be the most accurate way to remove or add any additional circuitry. Vector network analyzers can make more accurate measurements if the de-embedding, embedding, […]